New @KeenanBlogger Fall Preset Launched


As fall slowly crept its way into New York, I began noticing that my usual teal preset just wasn’t cutting it. As blue skies became more scare and my clothes began transitioning into muted tones, it was clear I needed an overhaul. So for the past month I’ve been tinkering around on Lightroom and today I’m thrilled to share my final result — the new #FallKBpreset

My fall filter is sharper and more high contrast than its teal summer counterpart, and produces an amber/orange color story that perfectly matches the season. As soon as I perfected the filter, I began furiously applying it to all my old photos and noticed that no matter what time of year they were taken, or what the weather and lighting conditions were outside, they were all giving me serious autumn vibes. I invite you to play around with the sliders and see for yourself the power of this new preset. If you’re interested in using it on your own photos, head over to my Preset page and download your copy today!