@KeenanBlogger Desktop Preset

@KeenanBlogger Desktop Preset


The #tealKBpreset is the Lightroom preset that I use to edit all of my photos on my @KeenanBlogger Instagram! It can be tweaked to work with any photo to give it a teal and peach aesthetic. Enjoy!


**To use this preset, you must first purchase the desktop version of Lightroom CC through the Adobe store. It can only be added in the desktop version. But once you do, it will be synced to your mobile version and work there as well**


Once you have purchased my preset, you will be able to download it immediately as well as have a copy emailed to you. Follow these steps to add my preset to the Lightroom app.

  1. Either download the image immediately after checkout or download it from your email.

  2. Open the Lightroom app and choose File > Import Profiles & Presets and select “tealKBpreset.xmp” from your download location.

  3. Now find a picture you want to edit and click “Presets” from the bottom right hand corner. Under “User Presets” the “tealKBpreset” should now show up.

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS. Presets cannot be returned, so there are no refunds. Unauthorized distribution of this preset is prohibited and will be met with legal action.