Staycation in SoHo


After our honeymoon, Scott and I jumped back into normal life in New York pretty quickly, replacing days on the beach with days in the office, and nights on the town with nights at home with our dog. By mid-January we were starting to get a bit of cabin fever and decided we needed a break to give our relationship that burst of excitement we’d grown so used to. We booked a weekend in one of our favorite neighborhoods in New York, SoHo, and checked into the luxury, boutique hotel, Arlo SoHo.


The first thing we were greeted by is ultra-modern lobby where we waited until our room was ready. Strangely enough, we ran into a writer friend who lives in the neighborhood. She was working on a script and remarked,“this place is my best-kept secret.” It really did seem to be one of the largest and quietest places in the neighborhood if you need to get some work done.


Our room itself, while somewhat small (all NYC hotels are, even the fancy ones), used its limited space thoughtfully, with a giant king bed tucked into a modular type wooden cave. It was incredibly cozy and provided a view of the modern buildings of downtown. Storage was built into the cabe so we didn’t have to worry about tripping over our bags while walking around. After happy hour drinks (hotel guest get complimentary wine and beer!), we spent a night eating and drinking our way through the adjacent West Village and SoHo before climbing back into our comfortable bed.


The next morning we were greeted by thunderstorms but we were lucky enough to have access to the Arlo’s outdoor “igloos.” They provided the perfect cover from the rain while keeping us entertained and still feeling like we could enjoy being outside without having to open an umbrella.


In the end, we did less exploring, and more vegging out at the hotel, something that harkened back to the relaxation we’d gotten so used to on our honeymoon. It was a welcome departure from our busy New Yorker schedules and the perfect reset to our happy newlywed lives.

TravelAndrew Keenan-Bolger